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General information

 Remarks:Cryptococcus humicola
Characteristics given by other authors
Cell components include glucose, mannose, galactose, glucosamine, glucuronic acid and xylose (Gorin & Spencer 1970; Golubev & Blagodatskaya 1978; von Arx & Weijman 1979).
Coenzyme Q9 Yamada & Kondô 1972.
Mol % of G + C of nuclear DNA: 56.5, 58.8, 59.6, 60.4, 61.5, 62.9, 63.2 (Nakase & Komagata 1971f; de Hoog 1980).
Chromosome bands:
Where found
Soil in Chile, rotten toadstool in France, surface of toadstools Nematoloma lateritium and Anamita muscaria, water of stream contaminated by effluent of papermill in Czechoslovakia, skin in Germany, water in Antarctica, culture of Sachsia suaveolens Lindner CBS 320.31, radioactive solution at pH 2, sputum, soil and droppings of goose in the Netherlands, mushrooms.
Other information
Some strains grow on propan-1-ol or butan-1-ol as sole source of carbon. Some strains are pectolytic (Barnett et al. 2000). Cell wall has many layers (van der Walt & Hopsu-Havu 1976; Kreger-van Rij & Veenhuis 1971a).
 Taxonomic information:
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 Number of ascospores per ascus:0 
 Asci evanescence:no asci 
 Asci shape:no asci 
 Ascospores with gelatinous sheath:no ascospores 
 Ascospores with a groove:no ascospores 
 Basidia septation:no basidia 
 Basidia shape:no basidia 
 Basidia catenate-solitary:no basidia 
 Teliospores:no teliospores 
 Sexual reproduction:no sexual reproduction 
Ascospores shape:
hat shaped no
cap shaped no
saturn shaped no
walnut shaped no
conical no
oblong no
round no
oval no
smooth no
rough no
reniform no
allantoid no
needle shaped no
whip like no
cell with cell no
cell with its bud no
clamp connexions no
pseudoclamp connexions no


 Reddish diffusing pigment:not produced 
 Colony margin:other 
Colony colour:
white no
cream no
yellowish yes
orange no
pink no
red no
buff no
dark brown to black no
Colony appearance:
arachnoid no
farinose no
smooth yes
venose yes
warty no
furrowed no
Colony texture:
fluid no
mucoid no
butyrous no
membranous no
 Filaments:pseudohyphae and/or septate hyphae 
Asexual reproduction:
fission no
budding yes
multilateral budding no
bipolar budding no
monopolar budding no
sympodial budding no
annellidic (percurrent) budding no
on sterigma no
on denticles no
arthroconidia no
chlamydospores no
endospores no
symmetrical ballistoconidia no
asymmetrical ballistoconidia no
Cell shape:
lemon yes
triangular no
lunate no
allantoid no
dumb-bell shaped no
round no
oval yes
cylindrical yes
fusiform no


 D-Glucose (F1):negative 
 D-Galactose (F2):negative 
 Maltose (F3):negative 
 Me a-D-Glucoside (F4):negative 
 Sucrose (F5):negative 
 a,a-Trehalose (F6):negative 
 Melibiose (F7):negative 
 Lactose (F8):negative 
 Cellobiose (F9):negative 
 Melezitose (F10):negative 
 Raffinose (F11):negative 
 Inulin (F12):negative 
 Starch (F13):negative 
 D-Xylose (F14):negative 
  50% D-Glucose (O4):no growth 
  60% D-Glucose (O5):no growth 
 Starch formation (M1):variable 
 Acid acetic production (M2):no 
 Urea hydrolysis (M3):yes 
 Diazonium Blue B reaction (M4):positive 
 Methanol (C41):no growth 
 Ethanol (C42):variable 
Yeasts physiological data:
C1 D-Glucose +




 rDNA sequences 26S:
 rDNA sequences 18S:
 rDNA sequences ITS:
 Miscellaneous sequences:
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