Assistant Coordinator for the EU project FALCON by Webmaster CBS Vacancy 08/26/2016 08:24:00

Assistant Coordinator for the EU project FALCON
part time (0.6 fte)

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For the 70th birthday of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. R.A. Samson of CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, a special issue of PERSOONIA on applied and industrial mycology appeared: PERSOONIA Volume 36 – June 2016. Find more information through here)
Prof. Dr. Ronald P. De Vries Honorary membership of HSM by Webmaster CBS News 07/13/2016 12:53:51


The General Assembly of the Hungarian Society for Microbiology unanimously elected Prof. Dr. Ronald P. De Vries of the CBS-KNAW as an Honorary Member of the Hungarian Society for Microbiology, following his outstanding achievements as a fungal metabolite scientist.

CBS fungi feature in the Dutch magazine Quest of July 2016 by Webmaster CBS News 06/23/2016 14:17:32


NL: CBS schimmels schitteren in Quest van juli 2016. We zijn omringd door schimmels. Ze zitten in ons lichaam, ze eten ons eten op en ze helpen ons bij de productie van voedingsmiddelen. Geen wonder dat we alles van ze willen weten. Het Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures (CBS) in Utrecht heeft daarom een collectie van meer dan 100.000 schimmels voor onderzoek beschikbaar. Fotograaf Adrie Mouthaan maakte er een aantal portretten van voor het maandblad Quest.  en  

ENG: CBS fungi feature in the Dutch magazine Quest of July 2016. We are surrounded by fungi. They enter our body, eat our food and they help in producing food. No wonder we want to learn all about them. The CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre (CBS) in Utrecht has a collection of over 100.000 fungi for research purposes. Photographer Adrie Mouthaan made some portraits of fungi for the magazine Quest.  and  

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CBS in Medidact Infectieziekten by Webmaster CBS News 06/16/2016 13:27:10

On 11 February Kittipan Samerpitak defended his PhD Thesis on Ochroconis and Verruconis at the University of Amsterdam, and Sarah Abdallah Ahmed on the subcutaneous disease mycetoma. A report of the latter event has appeared in "Medidact Infectieziekten".   Both Theses were generated by the Research group Clinical and Extremophilic Fungi led by Sybren de Hoog and are available for ISHAM members on the ISHAM website.

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CBS Biodiversity Series 15 by Webmaster Biodiversity Series 07/20/2016 09:22:56

Order Field studies in the Lasiosphaeriaceae and Helminthosphaeriaceae sensu lato
Authors: Ann Bell and Daniel P. Mahoney.
Details: 124 pp., fully illustrated with colour pictures (A4 format), paperback, 2016.
Price: € 30,-

ISBN: 978-90-70351-99-1

This publication represents some 10-15 years of part time field studies on wood inhabiting fungi belonging to the ascomycete families Lasiosphaeriaceae & Helminthosphaeriaceae sensu lato. The research was undertaken in New Zealand and to a lesser extent during visits to the United States. The principle reason for doing it was to provide tangible means of identifying the collected species and thereby to encourage further field work by all interested parties. Due to the increasing use of sequencing data in recent years, the introductory chapter deals with some of the current difficulties faced when trying to unite sequencing data with traditional morphological data. Keys to species are provided and each species, including 12 new ones, are fully described and illustrated. Photographs and coloured drawings comprise the greater part of the publication.

page 3 line 17: New genera (Immersella and Lasiosphaeria) have been erected...”, it should read: New genera (Immersella and Lasiosphaeris have been erected...”
page 13 under the heading Lasiosphaeria hirsuta (Fr.) Ces. & De Not. the synonym Lasiosphaeria hirsuta (F.) A.N. Mill. & Huhndorf (2004a), should be Lasiosphaeris hirsuta (F.) A.N. Mill. & Huhndorf(2004a) ..
page 17 under the heading Lasiosphaeria hispida- same mistake in the synonym as before where Miller & Huhndorf’s genus for this species should also Lasiosphaeris.
page 22: L. megaimmersa would be placed in the genus Lasiosphaeris by Miller & Huhndorf .

Group Leader Clinical Diagnostics by Webmaster CBS Vacancy 06/08/2016 08:44:26

Group Leader full time
38 hours/week
Medical Mycology with an emphasis on Clinical Diagnostics

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Group Leader full time
38 hours/week
Natural Product Discovery

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De evolutie van onze zintuigen: wat we van schimmels kunnen leren by Webmaster CBS News 06/01/2016 08:56:46

Schimmels nemen signalen uit hun omgeving waar en reageren hierop met een verandering in hun ontwikkeling, groeirichting of stofwisseling. Biologen zijn al ruim een eeuw gefascineerd door de opmerkelijke, zeer precieze reacties van de schimmel Phycomyces blakesleeanus. Onderzoekers van onder andere het Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures hebben nu aangetoond hoe dat werkt.

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Prof.dr. Ronald de Vries staat in STW blad "Impact" by Webmaster CBS News 06/01/2016 08:57:51

Een schat aan schimmels

Schimmels zijnde werkpaarden van de chemie en de voedselindustrie. Maar welke soorten werken het hardst, en waarom doen ze dat? Samen met vier bedrijven zoekt STW- onderzoeker prof.dr. Ronald de Vries naar het antwoord

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Online video Fungi & Global Challenges by Webmaster CBS News 06/01/2016 08:58:12

13 April the KNAW public symposium “Fungi & Global Challenges” was held. Speakers David Denning and Sarah Gurr, 2 international experts, presented their view on the dangers of fungi, but also the possibilities we have of keeping them under control.

Anne van Diepeningen, openingswoord symposium Schimmels from KNAW on Vimeo.

David Denning from KNAW on Vimeo.

Sara Gurr from KNAW on Vimeo.


Prof. dr. Pedro Crous, Director of the CBS-KNAW, has been invited by the Mycological Society of India (MSI), to be an Honorary Member of the Mycological Society of India. Prof. Crous gladly accepted this invitation.

About the Mycological Society of India (MSI)

MSI is a scientific body constituted for the advancement in the subject of Mycology, the study of Fungi including mushrooms, molds, truffles, yeasts, lichens, plant pathogens, and medically important Fungi. The Society was founded in January 1973 by a team of Mycologists led by Professor C.V. Subramanian, Former Director, C.A.S. in Botany, University of Madras, Chennai, India, with a view to bring together Mycologists of the country and with the broad objectives of promoting development of Mycology in India in all the prospects and in the widest perspective. 

Other Honorary Members of the Mycological Society of India were great mycologists such as Prof. Gunnar Degelius from Sweden, Prof.  Robert Kühner from France, Prof. Cecil Terence Ingold from the UK, Prof. John Nathaniel Couch from the USA and

Dr. Geoffrey Clough Ainsworth  from the UK .

MSI website: for more details.


Jury praises uniquesness and originalaty of world's only microbe museum.

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The silent invasion of the killer fungus by Webmaster CBS News 06/01/2016 09:01:28

The threat of fungal infections has become severe enough to be addressed at two major conferences this spring, the second of which starts tomorrow. This second event is part of the yearly spring meeting organized by the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre in Utrecht: Fungi and Global Challenges. It will be held at the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam, April 14 and 15. Elsevier Publisher Dr. Sheba Agarwal-Jans, who has a PhD in molecular biology and genetics, writes about the issue and presents related research.

Elsevier article Fungi and Global Challenges

Meet the Professor Day by Webmaster CBS News 06/01/2016 09:01:16

Utrecht University celebrates her 380th Dies Natalis this year. On 30 March Professors of the Utrecht University stepped on their bikes, wearing their official togas, to visit primary schools to teach children about science for “Meet the Professor day". Prof. Dr. Ir. Ronald P. De Vries of the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre was one of them. Both Ronald and the children of Group 8 of the Paulusschool in Utrecht had a great time!

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Fungal Futures exhibition in Utrecht Museum by Webmaster CBS News 06/01/2016 09:01:03

An exhibition about our Upcoming Future.
Shaped by novel materials and processes relying on the fundamental role of fungal micro- organisms.
A historical greenhouse, filled with projects envisioning novel advancements and potentially near futures, while re-imagining the way in which our domestic and social life will morph during the next decades.

The meeting was opened by Minister jet Bussemaker, minister of Education, Culture and Science.

The meeting in effect was a merger of Education, culture and science


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Professorship at University of Helsinki by Webmaster de Vries Group 02/18/2016 12:05:39
As of March 1st 2016 Ronald de Vries has been appointed as visiting professor at University of Helsinki, Finland.
CAS visit to CBS Friday 11 December 2015 by Webmaster CBS News 06/01/2016 09:00:40


On Friday December 11th, a delegation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by the vice president Professor Zhang Yaping, visited the CBS-KNAW.

The delegation consisted of:

  1. Professor Zhang Yaping, VP CAS  
  2. Mrs. Wu Yan, Dir. European affairs division CAS
  3. Mrs. Wang Dongyao, Dep. Dir. Division of European Programmes CAS
  4. Mr. Zhang Xinmin, science attaché of the Chinese ambassy The Hague (representative Ministry of Science & Technology)  
  5. Mr. Berry Bonenkamp, NWO senior policy advisor
  6. Mrs. Marianne van Driel, policy advisor KNAW China desk
  7. Mrs. Annemarie Montulet, coordinator KNAW China desk

First of all the delegation was given a warm welcome by Prof. Pedro W. Crous of the CBS-KNAW. Then the group leaders of the CBS presented their research to the delegation with a short talk each, highlighting their research and showing examples of their cooperation with CAS. After that the delegation were shown the CBS collection of fungi by Dr. Gerard Verkley and Dr. Marizeth Groenewald.

At the end of the tour drinks and bites were served to the delegation and CBS employees.






Black Yeast Workshop by Webmaster Other Meetings 02/06/2016 19:02:14

September15-16 2016

Black Yeast Workshop

Venue: University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy


Contact: Laura Selbmann; e-mail: